Welcome to Advanced Home Care of Ohio, Inc.

Portrait of senior woman reading book with her nurse

Your home is your sanctuary. If you were given a choice to stay or to go, you would probably want to remain in your own home because the place is familiar with your friends and family close by. However, when we reach a certain age or when we have an illness that reduces our independence; it can be heartbreaking to be forced to move into an unfamiliar setting like a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

Fortunately, YOU have a choice and Advanced Home Care of Ohio, Inc. gives you the choice to stay right where you are. Advanced Home Care of Ohio, Inc. is a provider of home health care services.

We provide skilled nursing, in-home therapy, home aide care, and medical social services. We designed a complete spectrum of care that enables our clients to receive professionally structured care services in their own residences. Additionally, spending for home health care is so much more affordable. You can pay by the hour or you can pay per visit. It depends on what you need and how often you will need assistance at home.

Because Advanced Home Care of Ohio, Inc. is Medicare-certified, clients can opt to pay with their insurance if they are eligible. It is simply the more affordable and least inconvenient form of care there is. We highly recommend that you consider this for yourself or your family. For inquiries about our services, please call 419-472-0059.

Senior patient with nurse at clinic

Why Choose Advanced Home Care of Ohio, Inc.

With the endless demand for health care, it can become confusing or complicated for any patient to arrange the services themselves. At Advanced Home Care of Ohio, Inc., we make this process simple! You only need to call and talk to our care coordinator and we’ll take care of everything. You will also have your very own plan of care which outlines your home health needs, how those needs are addressed, and who will be assigned to fulfill such needs in your home.